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Russian Caravan


**Please Note: Available to Ship within 2 weeks**

Our Russian Caravan tea blend is a beguiling mix of select Indian, Chinese and Sri Lankan black teas that brew into a pleasing cup of tea each and every time! A tea enthusiasts favorite, our Russian Caravan tea blend contains no smoky aromas, making it truly unique.

Centuries ago, this blend of black tea was so sought after in Russia that special caravans were commissioned to personally deliver it to the Czar. Aptly named, this tea is a one of a kind blend that will soon become one of your favorites as well.

Brewing Tips: Russian Caravan tea should be made with water brought to a rolling boil (205-212° F). Using one teaspoon of loose leaf tea for each cup.

This tea should be steeped for 4-5 minutes. Remove the leaves once the brewing time is reached

Decant and enjoy!


Russian Caravan