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Assam Black Tea

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Assam tea is a worldwide famous full-bodied tea with robust flavor produced in the state of Assam in India. It is the largest tea producing area in India, making up to more than 50% of all tea production in the country! This area of tea plantations has the perfect climate of rain and altitude that allow this iconic black tea to thrive each growing season. Assam tea is often described as having a malty flavor and a rich, savory aroma. These distinct features are typically attributed to the tea’s unique production process. After fresh Assam tea leaves are harvested and withered, they undergo an oxidation process — also referred to as fermentation — that exposes them to oxygen in a controlled-temperature environment for a designated period of time. 

Its pungent liquor brews to a dark-reddish color, leaving a full-bodied cup with a malty taste that is truly unique. Assam takes well to milk and sugar, however this robust style of tea tastes great brewed up and served as is.

Like all black teas, it is loaded with antioxidants that may counteract the negative effects of free radicals, protecting cells from damage and reducing inflammation.

Brewing Tips: Assam tea should be made with water brought to a rolling boil (205-212° F). Using one teaspoon of loose leaf tea for each cup.

This tea should be steeped for 4-5 minutes. Remove the leaves once the brewing time is reached

Decant and enjoy!

Assam Black Tea