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Earl Grey Black

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Earl Grey is one of the most popular and recognized tea beverages in the world. Its distinctive flavor is derived from the addition of oil of bergamot, a highly aromatic oil made from the rind of the fruit of the Citrus bergamia, a citrus fruit typical of Southeast Asia and grown in Italy. The tea is named after the second Earl Grey, who was the British Prime Minister in the early 1830s. He reputedly received tea flavored with bergamot oil as a diplomatic gift. Our Earl Grey is a delicate blend of large leaf black teas and features premium oil of Bergamot. This afternoon tea offers a light  taste, and is easily a favorite among other scented teas.

Ingredients: Black tea, bergamot oil, natural flavors. 

Tea Highlights:

  • Origin: India
  • Citrus fragrant bouquet 
  • Gluten-free & Sugar-free

Brewing Tips: Earl Grey Black tea should be made with water brought to a rolling boil (205-212° F). Using one teaspoon of loose leaf tea for each cup.

This tea should be steeped for 4-5 minutes. Remove the leaves once the brewing time is reached

Decant and enjoy!

Earl Grey Black