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Green Earl Grey Tea

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Green Earl Grey is a flavored green tea offering is a blend of select sencha style China green tea leaves and fruity oil of Bergamot. A much lighter take on a classic Earl Grey tea, with the bergamot flavors you are used to. 

While Earl Grey black tea is the namesake of Charles, the 2nd Earl of Grey, it is a little-known fact that Earl Grey green tea is name a° ur Sir Albert Henry George, the 4th Earl of Grey who lived between 1851 and 1917 (we'll call him. Sir Al for short). Sir Al served as Canada's Governor General, the Queen of England's Canadian representative, from 1904-1911. It was during his time in this position that the tea that bears his rame was first brewed. The incident occurred when Sir Al made a visit to Newfoundland, then still part of England. The people of Newfoundland, as everyone knows, are great drinkers of tea, consuming more cups per capita than any in North America. For the noble Sir A, a magnificent tea party was planned on the front lawn of the New found land parliament. Everything was going off without a hitch until 2 days before the party when the government's storage shed was struck by lightning. The fire started by the strike burnt their entire stock of Earl Grey iva. A young lad named Angus Mcafee recalled that he had seen a few fresh!: barrels of bergamot down on his grandfather's dock in the harbor just in from the West Indies. He also knew that his other grandfather had just received a shipment of green gunpowder tea from Ceylon. He spent the next 48 hours blending the tea and the bergamot. The result was served at the party. Sir Al was delighted with the innovation and recommended that young Angus ship over to England to be knighted by the Queen herself. (No one is sure if Angus ever became Sr Angus - the records have been lost.) And what did Sir Angus like so much about the tea? The answer is in the way the sweet bergamot blends with the slightly smoky profile of this green gunpowder tea. Raise a cup today. This blend makes a refreshing iced tea with interesting fruit notes in each glass. Green Earl Grey pairs especially well with slightly spicy foods, rice desserts, breakfast breads, and vanilla ice cream.

Ingredients: A blend of green and earl grey tea.

Brewing Tips: Green Earl Grey tea should be made with water brought to a rolling boil (170-180° F). Using one teaspoon of loose leaf tea for each cup.

This tea should be steeped for 4-5 minutes. Remove the leaves once the brewing time is reached

 Decant and Enjoy!

Green Earl Grey Tea