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Pecan Praline Black

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A delicate, sweet, and nutty note will greet you when you first open this bag of tea. Pecan Praline Black is a wondrous take on a classic dessert. This tea starts with strong Indian Black tea base and is mixed in with spicy cinnamon chips. The warm, satisfying flavors of toasted pecans and creamy caramel will leave you wanting more. With your first sip, you’ll experience the soft, nutty flavors and the simple sweetness of this black tea. The cinnamon is a very subtle flavor in this tea, not over-powerful like with many cinnamon based teas. 

Pecan Praline Black is best served hot with a dash of milk, but would make a beautifully unique iced tea as well!

Ingredients: South Indian Black tea, cinnamon chips, pecan pieces, all natural flavor.


Brewing Tips: Pecan Praline tea should be made with water brought to a rolling boil (205-212° F). Using one teaspoon of loose leaf tea for each cup.

This tea should be steeped for 4-5 minutes. Remove the leaves once the brewing time is reached

Pecan Praline Black