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Green Tea

Our loose leaf Green Tea has a softer taste than most others. It has a whole host of health benefits, and makes for a great lunch time or dinner tea. Green Teas have an abundance of "polyphenols", which infuse you with a number of powerful antioxidants in each cup.

For those who love an extra pick me up without the strong caffeine that Black Tea offers, take a look at our loose leaf Green Tea collection below. It includes teas such as Earl Grey (a green tea version), Gunpowder Green Tea,  Japanese Genmaicha, Japanese Sencha, Jazzy Zesty Lemon, Vanilla Mint Sencha, Walnut Sencha, and many more. 

We offer subscriptions on all of our loose leaf teas, so if you end up finding one that you're hooked on, a subscription makes it easier to get a monthly supply without needing to reorder.